This Blog Back to Life

I has been very long time I never update this blog. Since I knew Wordpress content management system, I moved totally from this blogger platform on year 2008. I built some blogs with WP cms that took a lot of my time. As a newbie in Wordpress, I needed to learn a lot in operating the platform. Things I had to learn like where to buy domain and hosting, how to manage hosting, how to install Wordpress, setting WP as admin, etc.

It is a series of activities which are very long, time consuming and quite tiring for me. I didn't realize that until it's been around long enough not to use blogger as a platform cms that I've known. Back to blogger as blogging media due to the existence of a new algorithm of Google, that Google Panda and Penguin that makes blog with Wordpress cms became problematic.

Many visitors dropped sharply in almost all my WP blog, which also imposes on my income. Because I use the blog to look for Fortune, the effects of the decline in visitors is very disturbing once when depleting financial. So it needs to be a dramatic effort in order to earning I can rise again through internet media.

From start to now, I am trying to be able to share interesting information that could be useful for my visitors. Hopefully, you who read this paper can get information or anything else you are looking for.

Adsense Payment In Progress Arrives

Finally the almost beautiful Payment In Progress arrives from Google Adsense that had been waiting for long time. It is still unknown the cause the payment in progress delay.

One step more still waiting that the most beautiful from Adsense is Payment Issued. Just two words, but it relieves many people around the world.

The payment Issued from Google Adsense means money, bucks and so on to pay anything such as hosting and domain for me that almost expired.

The Google Adsense Payment PIP Still Unknown

The payment or PIP/Payment In Progress from Google Adsense not displayed in each members payment history. The Google Adsense members from many countries around the world such as Pakistan, Philippine, USA, Indonesia, China, Australia and maybe some others counties, doesn't get the PIP or more Payment Issued from Adsense yet.

This case maybe for the first time for delaying in PIP. But there is another case on delaying payment, that is the payment for October 2008 via check came late until one month. The check should have been arrived on December 2008, but it arrived at end of January 2009.

But the cause for this case is still unknown. Google adsense doesn't clarify this problem until now.

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